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    Homeschool Consulting 

     Portfolio Evaluations

    Benchmark Evaluations

    Curriculum Development   

Homeschooling your child is one of the most rewarding but challenging tasks. Hybrid homeschooling has become a common option as well, but also requires planning and organization.

Let me help you make the most of your homeschool experience and have fun while learning with your child!

My services may include:

~Organizing and scheduling your homeschool day

~Choosing curriculum and programs that are best suited for your child’s learning style

~Development of less plans and materials

~Plans for cross-curricular integration

~Incorporating hands-on learning in your homeschool

~Ways to assess your child’s performance and make sure they are at grade level and meeting competencies

~Homeschooling with dyslexia and other learning challenges, including PANS/PANDAS

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