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What is Educational Therapy?

Educational therapy is a general term for when an educator works one-on-one with a child. While this involves academic tutoring, an educational therapist is more than just someone who tutors children. Traditional tutors focus on academics, while educational therapists use a more comprehensive approach. Educational therapists have more experience working with kids with learning and attentional issues.

My role as an educational therapist includes;

~recognizing and correcting the root cause of the learning glitch

~teaching your child the best strategies that will help them to succeed

~helping your child become confident and recognize their strengths as a learner

~develop ways to manage Executive Function concerns and ways to overcome anxiety

~determine the best way to fill in any gaps in learning

~ develop a plan to get your child on or above grade level  

PANS/PANDAS Educational Support:

I have worked extensively with children who have been diagnosed with this condition. I can provide support plans with schools, do intervention,  or create an individualized learning plan. 

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